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MyPoints is a credible site. I've been a member since 2000. While this is not a "survey site" it is a place where you receive rewards. You can earn points by shopping online, (usually 5 points per dollar spent) or you can earn points by receiving MyPoints Bonus E-mails, This is where you earn 5 points for reading the e-mail and visiting the website the e-mail is advertising. Pretty simple.

If you shop a lot online, you'll accumulate points much faster than if you don't. MyPoints has a large list of online merchants for which you can earn points while making online transactions (i.e., shopping). Some of the stores where you earn points for shopping at are Barnes & Nobel, Target, Gap, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart just to name a few. However if you're like me, who doesn't do much online shopping, then it'll take you a little bit longer for your points to add up. Though, do not fear, your points will accumulate. Once they do you'll be able to redeem them for free gift cards at over 70 name-brand merchants. Just recently I redeemed my points for $110 in Web Gift Certificates. In the past I've also redeemed my points for a $50 Tower Records gift card. is incredibly fast at sending your reward.

I've also had a positive experience with MyPoints customer service. They've always been more than happy to answer any concerns or questions I've had.

Would you like a MyPoints referral? If so, reply to this post, leave e-mail address along with your first and last name and I'll send you one!


You can send me an e-mail:

Be sure to put "MyPoints Referral Request" in the subject line of your e-mail.

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